Participation of young citizens to local life

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Bon appétit!

Since 2010, the city of Tours purposed to the AVEC member cities to work in common around a project called “Bon appétit”.

Objective : Connecting primary school children (between 8 and 10 years old) from cities of the AVEC network to exchange on the theme of gastronomy.
The exchanges, mainly by e-mails, allowed children to discover, during the year, basic cooking elements from the garden to the plate. They exchanged recipes and also seed packets to prepare a garden; they talk about culinary traditions in the participating countries…

European project CREA JARDIN

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In 2009, 16 young EuropeanS met in Tours (Fr) around various workshops and animations in the botanic garden.
In 2008, Tours (Fr) was awarded the golden medal of the European Association for Flowers and Landscape. Nothing surprising then that the city of Tours decided to receive in its botanic garden 16 young citizens from 4 countries of the A.V.E.C. network from August 1st to 20th, 2009.