Opening of the new “Maison du Patrimoine” in Menjez


Discover the city of Menjez! The city of Menjez is located in Akkar, in the north of Lebanon and has around 500 inhabitants. We are glad to announce that the city has recently joined the AVEC network. You can find the link attached to also discover the prehistoric heritage that the recent “Maison du Patrimoine” – opened on June 29, 2019 – preserves and enhances. The Menjez site counts indeed megalithic monuments, it is the largest prehistoric necropolis in the country. You can note the differences between these funerary monuments and those already present in the country – cf. the attached article. Menjez being located a few kilometres from the Syrian border, the “Maison du Patrimoine” was financed thanks to the Small Grants for the Cultural Protection fund allocated by the British Council. Within the “Maison du Patrimoine” you will find a permanent exhibition Memories of Stones, Memories of Men explaining, through the various archaeological remains, the history of the town and prehistoric ways of life. You will also have the possibility to discover, through a walking circuit, the 11 historic monuments that make up the site – necropolis, 87 dolmens, Roman temple, etc.

We would like to thank Mr. Georges Youssef, Mayor of the city of Menjez, for sending us all the information about the “Maison du Patrimoine”.

For any further information please download the attached article.