Nîmes, France


With nearly 150 000 inhabitants and a territory of 16 150 ha, Nîmes is the 20th biggest city in France.

With a a rich history, dating back to the Roman Empire , the city is branded ‘city of Art and History’

Green city with 409 ha public green spaces and 1200 hectares of forests, maintained with care, the city was awarded ‘3 flowers’ at the national level.
Nîmes is also an healthy city and is children friendly.

Nîmes, it’s also:
– 6 museums, 5 libraries and 3 theaters at the service of the population
– 85 public schools
– 6 sport centers, 5 swimming-pools, 4 stadiums…

Nîmes is 2000 years old and still young

Two thousand years of history and passions. Roman masterpieces, contemporary architecture, gardens laid out in an ancient sanctuary and celebrated by George Sand and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
Everything here goes through time with strength and lightness.
The city is mysterious. Its soul is made up of sun and water, pride and reserve, joyfulness and secrecy.

Wander through streets and squares and look around. There will always be surprises: here, crocodiles emerge from the paving stones, there a historic conservation area spreads its lace and over there Roman columns are reflected in sheets of glass.

The riches in Nîmes can be seen forming the stuff that dreams are made of.