Mertola, Portugal


Installed on the right bank of Guadiana, Mértola is a small city identified by its castle built by the Moors, with a XIII century old fort.

At the pre-Roman time, Mértola was already an important commercial main road, because it was the inner harbor in the north of the large river. It is there that people arrived and settled and products circulated coming from the most remote regions of the ancient Mediterranean world.

The combination of all these factors gave Mértola a high historical importance in the past. The monuments and the reference marks of this past are strewn a little everywhere in the city, always girdled by the old wall, one kilometer long.

The parish church, whose frontage is mudejar style with manuelins elements, was built on the site of the old mosque.

Mertola has three museum sets: the Roman period is visible in the building of the Town hall; the Islamic time presents a collection of objects out of ceramics found in the excavations (IXème – XIIIème century), most important of the country; one can also see one of the rare Paleo Christian basilicas of the Iberian peninsula (5th century).