Macedo de Cavaleiros, Portugal

Photo : Câmara Municipal de Macedo de Cavaleiros

This village in northern Portugal is located in the district of Bragança and counts 15 844 inhabitants.

The territory has been occupied since prehistoric times; All of the villages in the municipality of Macedo de Cavaleiros developed mainly during the Middle Ages, of which there are still many witnesses: churches, bridges, “pelourinhos” (old piloris, today stone columns decorated squares ).
Macedo de Cavaleiros is distinguished by the festival “Festa de carnaval dos Caretos de Podense”, which is classified as an Immaterial National Heritage. A request for classification by UNESCO is under way.

Finally, Macedo de Cavaleiros enjoys landscapes of serra and rich and varied valleys, notably Lake Azibo, which have earned him the “Geopark” label awarded by UNESCO.
The hiking trails (eg the “Knights Path”) and the natural territory are integrated into the natura 2000 network.