Urban heritage enhancement

International workshop “Urban heritage enhancement in the Mediterranean”
Arles, 18-19 September 2008

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The Mediterranean area is a region of the world with a strong identity found at the level of cities that share a number of issues, including that relating to the place of urban heritage in development and modernization strategies.
This led the Alliance of European
Cultural Cities and its partners to organize this seminar around four themes:

  • Urbanism and architecture
  • Social issues
  • Operational issues
  • Vulnerability of heritage

This international seminar, placed under the patronage of UNESCO, organised by the UATI, with the assistance of the city of Arles, the AVEC network and the University Paris IV-La Sorbonne, and supported by the French commission of UNESCO. About 200 participants were present and, in addition to the French leaders and speakers, the representatives of about fifteen foreign cities and twelve countries of the Mediterranean area (Algeria presented two papers on Algiers and Ghardaïa) as well as representatives of UNESCO and ICOMOS.
At the end of the seminar, it seemed desirable to maintain exchanges of experiences by deepening the priority issues for cities, especially around three main ones:

  • The economic and social development discussed in the 2010 workshop
  • Urbanization of medinas addressed in the preliminary documentary study of the “Medinas 2030” program of the EIB
  • Heritage and natural risks, object of the campus of July 2011


Download the proceedings of the seminar