Isla, Malta


This archipelago in central Mediterranean, close to Tunisian’ coasts, Malta is a haven of peace, a cultural destination, a travel throughout history, meeting with friendly people, available and communicative.
In the south east of the island, Isla is the smallest of the 3 towns of Cottonera. To discover its charm do not hesitate to visit its Internet site.

Senglea is the smallest of the three cities. Its name derives from the Italian word isola and it relates to its geographical structure, wherby the peninsula is nearly cut off from the mainland by two hill, Mill Hill and St. Julians Hill.
The name of Senglea was given to the city by the grandmaster Claude de la Sengle
Seen from Valletta, Senglea is one of the strongest elements making up the magnificent panorama of the Grand Harbor. Senglea is a compact, attractive town, packed on a narrow promontory extending northwards in the central part of the Grand Harbor, and forming the bays of French Creek and Dockyard Creek on the west and east sides respectively.

The main three areas in the city are:

• The French Creek Area, the most predominant feature of which is the dockyard boundary wall and the cranes on the waterfront. These give the area an industrialized character, although it is mostly residential.
The narrow streets leading to and from the central area are generally made up of picturesque stairways.

• The Dockyard Creek area is also a waterfront zone, but the use of this waterfront is mainly recreational.
The area has an open space and excellent views of Vittoriosa and Fort St. Angelo on the other side; it has great potential for use in harmony with its recreational role with its many cafeterias and restaurants – very important and highly valued by the residents of Senglea.

• The Central Area is the most important ‘administrative’ part of the city.
On the main street which runs through Senglea are located the most important social functions like churches, band clubs and local council offices. It also accommodates most of the shops.