Economic and social development

International workshop “Urban heritage in Europe and the Mediterranean: economic and social development”

Arles, 22-23 April 2010

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The objective of this workshop was to give a first concrete follow-up to the 2008 seminar.
The topics were:

  • Different forms of economic and social development around heritage
  • The old city, engine for development of the tomorrow’s city
  • Enhancement of urban heritage, vehicle for tourism development
  • The company at the heart of the heritage economy.

The workshop brought together about 200 people and a dozen speakers from a dozen countries, who were able to present a communication including one on Algiers. Some representatives of UNESCO and ICOMOS were also present.
At the end of the workshop, a statement was drawn up which included the following observations and suggestions:

  • The enhancement of heritage, especially urban heritage, can be an effective lever for the sustainable development of cities
  • The inhabitant must be placed at the center of the urban strategies: in this regard, the historic centers have an exceptional capacity of demonstration
  • Exchanges of experiences are a privileged means of learning, training and sharing of good practices
  • It is necessary to promote a balanced management of tourism, taking into account the objective of improving the inhabitants’ quality of life.
  • Finally, the continuity in this approach could involve the establishment of a permanent system of analysis and observation.


Download the final declaration