Chefchaouen, Morocco

Crédit photo : Mohamed Boualam

Founded in the year 876 of the Hegira (1471) by Moulay Ali Ben Rachid, Chefchaouen city is located Northwest of the Morocco, 120 km from the port of Tangier and 150 km from the international airport of Boukhelif.

Today there are nearly 44000 inhabitants on a territory of 10.4 ha.

Located in the heart of two nature reserves, Talassemtam and Bouchachem, this beautiful city holds  another treasure : a superb 30 ha medina which houses 23000 people.

Work rehabilitation and development following a demanding architectural Charter and traditional techniques have still embellished the houses, squares, fountains and walls of this medina that keeps more than 2/3 of the economic activities, including crafts: weaving, leather, carved and painted woodwork…

Member among other, of the Moroccan Medinas Network (RMM), declared Ecological City in 2010, Chefchaouen has known for several years a revolution with the rise of rural tourism and eco-tourism, as well as the development of cultural tourism through the rehabilitation of the medina and the historical heritage of the city.