Book Publication – Photographic Project – Shared Heritage, Views on Roman and Byzantine heritage


In February 2020, the book « Shared Heritage, views on Roman and Byzantine heritage »  was published. This book is the result of the photographic project initiated by AVEC Network and the photographer Jean-Claude Martinez. Indeed, this was the answer at the SUD-PACA region call for projects « Bringing citizens closer to the Mediterranean by enhancing the common Roman and Byzantine architectural heritage » in 2018. Our cities members such as Freixo de Espada à Cinta (Portugal), the Maltese cities of Birgu, Valletta and Isla, the French cit

ies of Tours, Narbonne and Arles, but also Arad (Rom

ania), Sbeïtla (Tunisia), Bela Palanka (Serbia) and the region of Dannieh in Lebanon favourably responded and participated to the project.

By travelling through the AVEC network’s cities and territories, Jean-Claude Martinez wanted to highlight the new use and the appropriation of this heritage by people. The photographs we presented to the public for the first time in Arles in September 2018 during an exhibition at the Trinitarian Chapel, then in Narbonne during the 2019 summer inside the Blue Penitents Chapel. This book aims to accent the work done by the members cities in the field of preservation and enhancement if the Roman and Byzantine heritage.

Photo Credit – AVEC Network

The photographic exhibition aims to continue its roaming through the member cities of the network but also through cities wishing and requesting to highlight a Roman and / or Byzantine heritage. This work and this exhibition represent an opportunity to show how, through the different cities photographed, the heritage is used and appropriate by the visitors and the inhabitants, and also the work of preservation done by the cities. The stint of the exhibition is essential for understanding the heritage, material or otherwise, across the Mediterranean Rim.


For the cities who want to buy the book, please contact the AVEC Secretariat : / Tel : +33 (0) 6 86 21 35 82