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Seminar “Urban tourism, heritage and urban quality in Europe” in Rennes (France) on March 26th and 27th, 2009

This seminar was organized by the Alliance of European Cultural Cities, in relation with the Permanent National Conference for Urban tourism (gathering 41 French local communities).  It took place in partnership with the agglomeration community of Rennes and the Tourist Office of Rennes Métropole and with the technical support of Maison de la France and ODIT France (now Atout France), and the support of the Regional Council of Brittany.

These days focused on transversality of intervention fields in urban tourism, heritage and urban quality, with a view to sustainable development.
The seminar purposed to reflect on the renewal of urban tourism through that of cities, in a context of hyper European and global competition, which meant:

  • To analyze the importance of the issue of an urban heritage,
  • To revisit the notion of displacement and proximity,
  • To evoke this two-headed urbanism: one functional, efficient, profitable, and the other, about slowness, discovery for tourists and/or inhabitants,
  • Finally, to allow a reflection beyond the borders of France, by the experiences and testimonies of the cities of AVEC network.

These meetings brought together one hundred participants from French and European cities and fifty tourism students.

Download the proceedings of the seminar


Seminar « Increasing awareness to heritage and urban quality » in Rennes (France) on October 12th to 14th, 2006

Rennes Metropolis hosted during three days the participants to the seminar “Increasing awareness to heritage and urban quality”, with the support of the French Ministry for Culture (DAPA).

Jocelyne Bougeard, vice mayor of the city of Rennes, received technicians and elected officials, who came from several cities of Croatia, France, Hungary and Portugal, as well as a team of students of a master 2 of Architecture from the university of Rennes.

They all attended to several conferences on the theme of the heritage enhancement and urban planning. They also visited several interesting sites of modern architecture into Rennes Metropolis as well as the city of Saint Malo and the site of the Mont-Saint-Michel.

Download the synthesis of the seminar