Arad, Romania


© Ville Arad

To discover Transylvania, this splendid area of Central Europe, there is nothing better than to pass by the Rumanian city of Arad. The most important municipality of Western Romania in terms of population and cultural dynamism, Arad deserves a very particular interest.
Built along ages and equipped with many monuments of first importance, this city of the Valley of Mureş finds its origins in the Neolithic era. Occupied by the Turks in XVI century the city quickly becomes an important commercial area. For this reason, at the XVIII century, with the departure of Turks and the arrival of Austrians, the city is rebuilt according to empress Maria Tereza’ wishes.

The plan of the new city is a remarkable original copy of the French style and of “Vauban fortifications”. This urban reorganization makes it one of the best constructions of this type in Europe, and probably in the world.
Promoted as a «Free Royal City” in 1834, the city knows almost a century of prosperity which makes of Arad an important cultural place of Europe, particularly with regard to the theater and the music since its philharmonic company will see evolving in its ranks famous personalities from European music circles such as Franz Liszt, Johann Strauss or Bela Bartok…
Nowadays Arad is a multiethnic, multi confessional and multicultural city which continues to offer to the visitors its patrimonial and cultural treasures with more than 100 monuments open for visitors.

The International airport and the European main roads which serve it will make it possible for you to discover Arad.