Tourism, heritage and urban quality in Europe

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In 2013, a working commission, animated by the agglomeration Rennes métropole (France), focused on the mutual promotion of the AVEC network’s cities via the websites of their tourism services.
Objective of the project : Offering the opportunity to the inhabitants of the member cities of the AVEC network to benefit from a privileged reception when they visit another city of the network.

To participate in this project of mutual promotion, the AVEC network’s cities had to send a proposal of possible discounts or offers for the citizens of other member cities: for example, a free guided tour.
However, it wasn’t possible to offer discounts on the accomodation or restaurants in order to not distort competition by giving priority to certain professionals over others.
Moreover, the cities had to be able to promote their offer and also those of the other cities on the website of their tourist office or tourism department in the municipality.