The network


Created in 1997, the Alliance of Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Cities forms a Network of Historical Cities and Territories.
Their common will is to build a Europe of Regions based on the respect of the differences and the interactions between cultures. For its members, material and immaterial heritages are vectors of identity and sharing; a base on which to build a sustainable city. Each one thus takes part to the construction of a heritage with shared values, through the conservation of the legacies of the past and the development of new creations.

The aims of the AVEC network’s members are:

Integrate as harmoniously as possible innovation in what already exists, for a sustainable development of the historical and cultural heritage of the cities and territories in Europe and Mediterranean. While thinking together of social, cultural, economic and environmental dimensions of the heritages, the members of the network enrich their own experiences and bring common solutions to continue the work of the builders of yesterday.

Make of local heritages a driving force for economic, cultural and social development for cities and territories in the spirit of the charter signed by each member. This charter engages them in a quality approach, which exceeds the short-term use of the heritages as a simple source of income. Member cities and territories manage the heritages, they were transmitted, with the constant concern of preserving as well the quality of their natural and cultural environment as the interests of the future generations.

Contribute to the economic growth of their territories. The influence of the AVEC network constitutes a true asset for the future of their communities.

Get an international visibility. Support and spread the image of culture and sustainable development, with the objective to change the network into a patrimonial reference in the long term.

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