The network


The Alliance of Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Cities (A.V.E.C.), European network of historical territorial communities, was created in 1997 by five European cities : Pécs in Hungary, Olomouc in Czech Republic, Tours in France, Tolède in Spain and the Italian city of Cosenza.
The main objective of the A.V.E.C. project was, at the beginning, to create a perennial network for exchanging experiences and good practices in the field of heritage enhancement, at both local level and interregional scale.

The members of the Alliance of Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Cities work together around the following objectives:

  • Make heritage an engine for sustainable development and get involved in a quality approach,
  • Integrate harmoniously the innovative in what already exists,
  • Contribute to the economic success and dissemination of member cities and territories.

The activities of the network focus on several main axis :

  • International seminar « Enhancement of urban heritage in the Mediterranean »
  • International seminar « Urban heritage in Europe and in the Mediterranean : economic and social development »
  • Preliminary documentary study of the program « Médinas 2030 » developed by the European Investment Bank
  • Euro-Mediterranean Campus « Prevention of the cultural heritage against natural risks » in collaboration with the Mediterranean Centre for the Environment
  • International Forum « Heritages and risks in Europe and in the Mediterranean »
  • European Agreement « Sustainable development of historical and cultural cities – Qualicities®»
  • Creation of a methodological guide for the sustainable management of historical cities in the Mediterranean
  • Database of cultural institutions in the member cities of the network
  • Traveling exhibition on the network and its members
  • Mutual promotion of the member cities of the network
  • Highlighting cultural and heritage assets of the member cities

Since 2012, the Alliance of Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Cities is labelled for its “international expertise of French territorial communities” by the French Minisitry of Foreign Affairs for the theme “Sustainable development and enhancement of cultures and heritage”.

The AVEC network is also recognized as « Official Partner of UNESCO » since May 2015.

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