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Project financed for three years: Culture Programme 2007-2013

Coordinator: Municipality of Évora, Portugal

Partners and co-organizers: Municipality of Idanha-a-Nova (Portugal); Municipality of Mértola (Portugal); Municipality of Ourense (Spain); Municipality of Ravenna (Italy); Municipality of Birgu (Malta); Municipality of Sliven (Bulgaria).


1. Enhancement of traditional culture and intangible heritage within a framework of innovation;

2. Promotion of intercultural dialogue and cooperation among partners according to a programme of actions about oral tradition, encompassing the various forms of communication, from verbal to musical sounds;

3. Transnational circulation of cultural and artistic agents, researchers, technical staff and institutional partners;

4. Interventions based on: memory, identity, sharing;

5. Three lines of action: 
Tours and Festivals of Traditional and Popular Music and 
Tours and Festivals of Ancient and Renaissance Music
 Oral Tradition, Cities of the Oral Tradition, Resource Center of the Oral Tradition;

6. Project implementation focuses on the oralities within tradition and modernity, with the aim of Life Stories, Folk Tales, Songbooks, Romance Books, Traditional Music and Early and Renaissance Music.

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