Melilla, Spain

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Melilla brings together all the mystery of Africa and the history of Spain. The city of Melilla is a window from which you can view two continents. An enclave in North Africa for more than 500 years, Melilla’s shorelines are lapped by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, where visitors with a taste for the unexpected may find a holiday full of exoticism, cultural variety and outdoor activities.

From the charm of its ancient Citadel walls to the explosion of color of its Modernist architecture of over 900 Modern and Art Deco buildings, Melilla offers the visitor a never-ending variety while walking the city streets. The proximity of the sea and the influence of four cultures are reflected in the city’s exquisite gastronomy, and in the variety of its artistic customs and expressions.

Few people are aware of the multiple attractions that invite one to discover the city of Melilla, which range from local treasures that display the city’s splendour as a historical nexus between two continents, to the city’s pristine beaches on the Mediterranean Sea.
One of Melilla’s greatest attractions are the people themselves, who constantly welcome visitors to discover the city. Four different ethnic and religious communities (Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu) coexist peacefully while maintaining their own particular cultural identities, filling Melilla with a mix of surprising contrasts which enrich the city and fill its streets with color.

This cultural blending is also evident in Melilla’s cuisine, which tempts the palate with a wide range of dishes and exquisitely flavorful specialties which are the product of the city’s cultural diversity and Mediterranean character.

In addition to dining out, Melilla is also a wonderful place to shop, both because of the city’s cultural diversity and also because prices are significantly lower than mainland Spain, since Melilla enjoys fiscal advantages which allow many products to be sold at tax-free prices. Melilla’s shopping area is full of the shops of Muslims, Jews and Indian traders. Here one can buy Berber jewelry and gold and silverware, leather hand-crafted items, wall hangings, and local pottery, as well as designer clothing, accessories and footwear. One can also find areas that evoke the colorful atmosphere of the African open-air market, with all the advantages of a Western city.
By day, Melilla is a happy, vibrant and colorful city. Its semi-arid Mediterranean climate guarantees average annual temperatures of around 18º C. Any time of the year is a good moment to take a break in Melilla, or enjoy longer holidays, or take advantage of its privileged position as a meeting point between Europe and Africa. Melilla serves as an ideal starting point to venture into Africa, while at the same time providing the security of being in an exceptionally attractive Spanish location.

When night falls, Melilla is a city that offers fun for all, where one can enjoy an evening at the most modern clubs and discos or relax in traditional bars, where conversation mingles with the different rhythms of traditional instruments.