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2017-2019: Three-year Convention with the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

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In 2017, the AVEC network and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed a three-year Convention supporting a number of projects led by the association and carried out under three complementary strategic guidelines:

1) The first guideline is to consolidate the technical expertise of the AVEC network by relying on the realization of the Flood Resilient Museums project and on a collaboration with the network Ville et Métiers d’art  (City and Art&Crafts) around issues of revitalization of urban centers.

2) The second guideline aims to develop the network of members and partners of the association with a focus on decentralized cooperation. This second working line is mainly based on the opening up of the network to cities of the Southern Mediterranean area, on the enhancement of the results of the Methodological Guide for the Sustainable Management of Mediterranean Historic Cities and on the Urban Quality Methodology QUALICITIES.

3) The third guideline aims to promote the international mobility of experts and professionals to provide field experiences allowing a deeper and global understanding of the actions developed and the problems encountered by local communities.

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