Flood Resilient Museums

Led by Alliance of Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Cities in partnership with the Institute of Prevention and urban Risk Management (IPGR), the Flood Resilient Museums (MRI) project consists of the implementation of recommendations in the form of diagnostics-types, to raise awareness among all stakeholders affected by this issue: managers and heritage curators of museums, but also local authorities, heritage managers, civil security officials as well as residents and tourists.

Overall museums, those benefiting from the appellation of “Museums of France” have specific institutional responsibilities as to the collections of which they are depositaries, which justifies that they are very closely associated with the process.

Note also that libraries, media libraries and archives are in a similar situation to the museums.

The goal is to assess exposure and the fragility of the museums located in flood zone, and their answers, in terms of adaptation and preparation, to ensure the safety of people and the preservation of cultural properties they support.

To thoroughly explore these issues, the team AVEC/ IPGR will mobilize politicians and managers from services of local authorities councils, experts and curators of museums of the regions concerned to gather and cross points of view in the following areas: preventive conservation, architecture, restoration, awareness and information on the risk of flooding, alert in the event of proven threat.

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