Dannieh, Lebanon

Dannieh Communaute communes

© Community of municipalities of Dannieh

The community of municipalities of Dannieh is a region of 365 km², situated in the Northern Lebanon, extends from the edge of the Mediterranean to the Middle Est mountains. This territory has many natural resources with an amazing biodiversity composed of fauna and flora mainly endemic of Lebanon. But this region is also rich of its heritage.

In fact, Dannieh was inhabited from Prehistory, as the discovery of a skeleton dating from the Neolithic (between 9,500 and 6,000 BC) in the Zahlan cave, can attest it.

Moreover, many remains, as Phoenician ruins or constructions of Roman period, testify to the passage of several civilizations in the region.

Among the archaeological sites, the one of Qalaat al-Hosn where there are four temples, several altars with columns and religious structures, is one of the largest in Lebanon.

The Dannieh region also has a remarkable natural richness consisting of, among other things,   a vast natural reserve of juniper trees around 25 Km², situated between 1,400 and 2,000 meters above sea level. Emblematic tree of the forest heritage of Dannieh, the juniper needs centuries to grow, but it is the forest species which is the most resistant to harsh high-mountain conditions.