Historical heritage guide


Publication of the Methodological guide for the sustainable management of Mediterranean historic cities

In 2011, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave to the AVEC network the mission to develop a methodological guide for the sustainable management of Mediterranean historic cities.

The project aimed to establish a network of cooperation between several Mediterranean cities: Arles, Vienne, Aix-en-Provence and Tours in France and Osijek in Croatia, Ghardaia in Algeria, El Jem in Tunisia, Baalbek in Lebanon and Marrakech in Morocco.

However, these exchanges have been interrupted by the extreme political instability context that some regions of the Mediterranean have known from 2011. Due to the impossibility of realizing a close monitoring of the evolution of heritage operations undertaken by some cities, it was necessary to rethink and reformulate the project.

In its final version, the guide includes:

• General methodological references
• Several experiences and good practices, located in many different local contexts
• Some contributions of high-level experts

We hope that this guide will offer a useful contribution to the search for the development of a good management of Mediterranean historic cities.


Download here the PDF version