“Passing-by, glances at the Roman-Byzantine heritage” exhibition in Arles


After a two months opening period at the Chapelle des Trinitaires in Arles, the exhibition meet a great success. Indeed, from September the 15th to November the 17th, the project welcomed more than 3800 visitors who discovered the pictures taken by the photographer Jean-Claude Martinez in 10 cities of 7 countries of the AVEC network.

An exhibition circuit, to question the uses and appropriations of the Roman-Byzantine Heritage from one shore of the Mediterranean to the other and the stakes of a common entity embodied in the cultural heritage. Thus, great exhibition audience showcased the unique cultural heritage riches present in the AVEC network’s cities.

Furthermore, the photographer and a facilitator gave several guided visits. The exhibition is punctuated weekly by guided visits to highlight the heritage links between the cities. Those visits allow to raise awareness on cultural heritage challenges in the Mediterranean to a diverse audience such as pupils and local organisations.

In the frame of the European Year of Cultural Heritage label 2018 given by the French Ministry of Culture, the network launched the exhibition Passing-by, glances at the roman-byzantine heritage for the European Heritage Days. To do so, the opening took part to the opening ceremony of the EHD of the city of Arles on September the 13th 2018 in presence of members who came especially for the occasion. For the European Heritage Days, it welcomed more than 2000 visitors.

To meet its euro-Mediterranean purpose the project will soon start travelling to other cities to value the roman-byzantine heritage present in the cities of the Network AVEC with the recognition of the high patronage of the UNESCO and the French commission of the UNESCO;
This project is supported by the Région-SUD and the city of Arles.